Sno-Tek® Engine

Frequently Asked Questions

Engine Man with snowblower
  1. What is a Sno-Tek Engine?

    Sno-Tek engines are an exclusive brand of engines manufactured by LCT for Sno-Tek® snow throwers by Ariens®

  2. Why LCT?

    Liquid Combustion Technology (LCT) is a USA owned and operated company that manufactures air-cooled engines for outdoor power equipment markets. They have a proven track record of quality and engineering excellence having sold millions of engines to world class OEM's in North America alone. LCT's extensive service network is supported throughout North America and Europe, with a focus on providing the highest standards of customer satisfaction in the industry.

    LCT engines are being used based on proven reliability, quality, and performance. Like other snow engine manufacturers, LCT's production facility is located overseas. However, their design & manufacturing engineering, quality assurance, operations management, production control, warranty & technical services, logistics and other administrative functions are solely based out of their US headquarters in South Carolina. Visit for additional information.

  3. How do I access parts information for Sno-Tek engines?

    Ariens® provides an extensive line of service parts for 2009/2010 and newer Sno-Tek models, which can be found in Ariens Parts Radar on the Ariens® website. LCT also has a network of distributors that service the US and Canada; parts lookup can be accessed either at under Service » Parts Catalog, or at under Lauson LCT Service » Engine Parts Lookup.

  4. What is the warranty on a Sno-Tek Engine?

    Sno-Tek engines have a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase. Ariens Company will repair or replace any part or parts of the engine that are found to be defective in material or workmanship under normal use during the warranty period. Warranty repairs or replacement will be made without charge for parts or labor.

  5. Who will handle parts and warranty issues for Sno-Tek engines?

    Ariens Company will be a service agent for parts and warranty of LCT engines on Sno-Tek products. With this, Ariens has an opportunity to offer dealers and customers a single point of contact for both engine and machine parts, service, and warranty instead of having to deal with both an equipment manufacturer and an engine manufacturer.

  6. Where can I get a Sno-Tek engine serviced?

    All authorized Ariens dealers can service Sno-Tek engines. Visit to find your local Sno-Tek dealer.

  7. Who can I contact to troubleshoot Sno-Tek engine issues when they arise?

    Customers can contact their nearest Sno-Tek dealer or LCT dealer with engine issues. Visit to find your local Sno-Tek dealer. To find an LCT dealer in your area, go to or call 1-800-558-5402 for an automated lookup by area code.

  8. What is the fuel capacity of a Sno-Tek engine?

    2.7 liters with an approximate run time of up to 2 hours depending on engine size and load conditions.

  9. How do I check the oil level in a Sno-Tek engine?

    Before checking the oil level, make sure the engine has stopped and that the unit is on a level surface. Remove either the side-mounted filler cap dipstick, or high oil fill dipstick, and wipe it clean (see Figures A and B below for location on engine).

    Then, insert the dipstick into the filler neck and turn clockwise until fully seated; remove the dipstick by turning it counter-clockwise. For 208cc engines, check the oil level shown on the dipstick—fill with oil if the oil level is below "Add" on the dipstick. For 136cc engines, fill if the oil level is below the letter "L" on the filler cap. Finally, securely screw in the filler cap/dipstick.

    Note: Running the engine with a low oil level can cause engine damage. Always check the engine oil before start-up.

    A B
  10. How do I change the engine oil for the Sno-Tek engine?

    1. Begin oil change with a cold engine
    2. Start and run the engine for 1-2 minutes
    3. Turn the engine off
    4. Place the rocker switch in the stop position (see Figure D below)
    5. Remove the safety key
    6. There is a Hex shaped tube coming out of the engines base on the right-hand side of the unit from the operator's position (see Figure F below)
    7. This Hex tube has a bolt screwed into it. Hold the Hex tube with a 14mm wrench (or adjustable wrench), then take a 10mm wrench (or socket and ratcheting wrench) and loosen that bolt from the Hex tube. (This is standard right hand threads.) Once loose, then you should be able to remove the bolt by hand.

    Note: This will start the oil draining process, so have your oil catch pan ready. Drain the oil completely.

    D F